Trim 주세요!

Deciding to have my hair trimmed is a constant inner battle – oh man I really need to get rid of the split ends BUT how my hair will react: will my strong waves behave or will all hell break loose?

So today I finally decided to get it over with and visited a Korean salon named Park Jun. I have been going to a Filipino salon for the past 9 years but in the spirit of “trying new things”, I went somewhere else.

After telling the receptionist what I wanted – a trim, because my hair doesn’t really allow anything else – I sat down and started reading my work notes. I usually sit in silence the entire time but the stylist was a charming Korean 남자. I COULD NOT LET THIS PASS!

I started out by asking him how long he’s lived in Manila. And then I asked for tips on how to style my hair, where to go in Busan, how long his work hours are. The best part was – HE ANSWERED EVERY TIME! The better part was – HE ASKED QUESTIONS TOO! ~

Small talk is my kryptonite so being able to say SOMETHING without dying is a personal win. Being able to answer questions intelligently are another win in itself!

To also hear him talk about a fairly recent heartbreak and end with “…but I’m okay now” was also interesting. I remembered the world crumbling as I went through mine, and it was comforting to know that those feelings transcend gender and nationality.

Things were going well until he removed the styling cape. I’m sure he saw me squeezing my fingers! By then, I was also sweating bullets and my face was flushed.

I didn’t get to read by work notes but nevertheless, today I can pat myself on my pretty head with trimmed hair and say: 수고하세요!!!


Author: honjahaeyo

30-year old who has absolutely no idea how to adult "correctly".

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