Should I Quit My Job?

As of today, my answer is: NO.

I want to resign from my job and travel the world for a year.

But honestly, it just isn’t feasible.

My dad has health problems and today is his 4th fall, and therefore his 4th trip to the ICU.

ICU costs money, medicines cost money, doctors fees costs money. Everything, sadly, costs money.

And so, as of today, I need a stable job. I need to earn enough to financially help my family, keep myself afloat and save for own future.

Days like this are when I am most grateful that I don’t have a husband or kids to think of.

Trim 주세요!

Deciding to have my hair trimmed is a constant inner battle – oh man I really need to get rid of the split ends BUT how my hair will react: will my strong waves behave or will all hell break loose?

So today I finally decided to get it over with and visited a Korean salon named Park Jun. I have been going to a Filipino salon for the past 9 years but in the spirit of “trying new things”, I went somewhere else.

After telling the receptionist what I wanted – a trim, because my hair doesn’t really allow anything else – I sat down and started reading my work notes. I usually sit in silence the entire time but the stylist was a charming Korean 남자. I COULD NOT LET THIS PASS!

I started out by asking him how long he’s lived in Manila. And then I asked for tips on how to style my hair, where to go in Busan, how long his work hours are. The best part was – HE ANSWERED EVERY TIME! The better part was – HE ASKED QUESTIONS TOO! ~

Small talk is my kryptonite so being able to say SOMETHING without dying is a personal win. Being able to answer questions intelligently are another win in itself!

To also hear him talk about a fairly recent heartbreak and end with “…but I’m okay now” was also interesting. I remembered the world crumbling as I went through mine, and it was comforting to know that those feelings transcend gender and nationality.

Things were going well until he removed the styling cape. I’m sure he saw me squeezing my fingers! By then, I was also sweating bullets and my face was flushed.

I didn’t get to read by work notes but nevertheless, today I can pat myself on my pretty head with trimmed hair and say: 수고하세요!!!

Point A to Point B

오늘 혼자 P2P 버스를 탔다.

I am grateful for a change in the grueling Manila commuting experience!

I had to go to Katipunan today so I rode the P2P bus from Glorietta 5 to Trinoma. I love commuting abroad so I was curious to see how the P2P experience compares.

I tried reading about the P2P fares and routes online but the data did not seem to be updated.  The conductress was kind enough to answer my questions since there wasn’t any info available at the stop either.

I initially sat on the second to the last row, but moved one row forward as the chair was too high for my 5’2″ frame and I didn’t want to spend the whole trip with my legs dangling from the seat.

The journey from the time I boarded the bus until I got off at Trinoma was an hour and a half: two times more than a commute via UberX. The extra 40 minutes were spent waiting for the appointed time for the bus to leave Glorietta 5 plus an extra 20-minute waiting time at Megamall.

25 pesos was worth it though – the bus was very clean and had enough breathing room to sit back and relax without having to be paranoid about sitting next to a pickpocket. The aircon above the seats weren’t there for props either!

The best thing about the whole experience was that sitting on an elevated seat allowed me to see the outside world from a different perspective — I saw the tops of cars, roads of subdivisions, and I also saw what people were doing while stuck in traffic (a majority of front-seat passengers were sleeping, some were texting, others were staring back at me).

I think I’ll stick to UberX for now since long waits make me dizzy and my final end point was really Katipunan, not Trinoma. I had to take an Uber once I got off at Trinoma – which added more waiting time to my commute.

단  if P2P becomes the norm in the coming years and adds routes to my end point, I’d be willing to endure the dizziness and the waiting time if it means spending 4 times less than an UberX trip.

항샇 건강하고 행복하세요! ~

“혼자해요?” Huh?


I am running a 9-year career marathon as a business analyst for an energy company.

The finish line?

It’s in the horizon, patiently waiting to be crossed.

I’ve been telling myself “I want to resign!” for the past 9 years but never got around to doing it. Work kept me too busy to be self-aware; weekends were mostly spent at home recharging my introvert batteries.

Now that I am pushing 30, I’ve started to ask myself “Why am I even doing this?!”. And that’s exactly when the Meralco, PLDT, PhilAm, Smart, SkyCable bills lovingly smile back at me. It does not help that I am *absolutely* in love with Uniqlo and feel a burning need to bring home a piece of it every week. It does not help either that my reason for being is to collect stamps on my passport and etch them in my heart (*sigh*) for as long as my body will allow.

That said, I can’t quit my day job yet but it’s def high time to explore what life has to offer aside from the 16″ screen and Cisco phone in front of me. I’ve been glued to them for 10 hours on weekdays for the past 9 years.. and they still haven’t put a ring on my finger.

Honjahaeyo documents:

  • my courage to “try new things alone” in Manila. That sounds sad — I DO have friends (swear!) but oftentimes they’re too busy adulting. Can’t rely on anyone but yourself, right? So this is really about motivating myself to step out of my condo door [aka my comfort zone] and ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN LIFE, even if it means doing (해요) it alone (혼자).
  • my mile-a-minute thought process on whether I should:
    1. leave my career completely (but I’ve just gotten good at what I do!) to pursue “interests”, whatever that means
    2. take a career-break, which means I have to resign if I want to take a break for more than a month, and then reapply in my current company because it has everything I am looking for in a company
    3. take a month long break instead
    4. run the beloved rat race for 10 more years > save enough 돈to last me well into my golden years > travel the world!
    5. curl up into a ball and roll all the way home to my mother in the province because her love and delicious food are really all I need
    6. think of more options

Here goes nothing!